Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Here is our entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Together.

The Green machine rafting the Kennebec River (Class 5). We are coming through Big Mamma and heading into the 3 sisters. Together we are a force to be reckon with, alone we would be upside down.

There are 3 sisters in this picture and I am the rafting guide (red jacket – Dirigo) and my youngest sister (purple jacket – Dragonfly) is my trusty rudder. My other sister (Cry baby whine ass) is in front of my rudder. My nephew and brother-in-law and Python (purple helmet) are also in this picture.

Rafting for many years was a family event, that brought us closer and made us depend on each other. My dad & mom would bring the raft to the Forks and watch my very young niece so we could do this family adventure together.

I worked for a company for many years but bought my own boat as my family loved to be on the river as much as I did. My mom & dad and niece would meet us at Carry Brook and raft the rest of the river (class 3) with us.

Rafting Kennebec River

Rafting Kennebec River

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    • I think as a rafting guide, if you are not always a little bit scared (anxious) then there is something wrong with you. What rivers have you rafted?

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