Winter Hiking Tips

1. Never wear cotton!

2. Dress in layers and start shedding layers before you start to sweat.

3. Wear your glasses or sun glasses to protect your eyes from the cold.

4. Bring a hot drink in a thermos.

5. If it is cold enough, your Snickers bar will freeze solid. Choose bite-sized chocolate candies.

6. If you need to take a break, take short breaks because you will get cold very quickly.

7. Carry some rope

Stream crossings can be treacherous during the winter due to ice or slippery conditions.

During the hike from PA 325 to the Yellow Springs Trail, we were too short to reach the guide line so we threw some rope over the line to help us balance on the slippery log.

8. Don’t be afraid to bail

If conditions get too rough, be prepared to look for exit routes. Hiking in the snow from Blue Mountain Lakes Road to Brink Road was much tougher than we expected. We both were exhausted at 2 PM when we reached Brink Road. We had 3.5 more miles to go but we wisely decided to bail.


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