PA501 to PA645 (1.90 Miles)

We hiked this section on February 15, 2009.

Python, Zero, and Dirigo went on a short out-and-back hike in PA. When we arrived at the parking lot on PA 645 there were already 2 pickup trucks there.

PA645 Parking lot

PA645 Parking lot

One pickup truck was empty but the other truck was occupied by a middle-aged white guy who was smoking and looking at a magazine.

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, he started to intently watch all of us. He didn’t even pretend to read his magazine anymore. He watched as Dirigo got the dog out of the back of the truck and she put on Zero’s coat and hiking pack.

While Dirigo was getting the dog ready, Python walked around the parking lot so that she could see his license plate. Unfortunately, he had no front plate and she could not see the back plate. Python tried to take a picture of his truck with Dirigo’s camera phone but she must have done something wrong because there was no picture.

Python then walked back to Dirigo’s truck and he kept watching us. Once the dog was all ready to hike, Python looked at Dirigo and told her that she wanted to leave because it did not feel safe here. Dirigo agreed so we loaded the dog back into the truck and left. This guy was really creepy!

We drove another 20 minutes and hiked from PA 501 back to PA 645 and back to 501. We crossed over PA 501 and descended to an overlook with a nice view of the valley.

The rocks were not wet but Zero was pulling so I let her off lead to get over the rocks.


The hike was only 1.9 miles, but it was a nice hike and just right for Zero. When we got close to the PA 645 road, we were looking ahead to see if the truck was still in the parking lot. It was gone, thank god.